Thursday, February 16, 2006

Abortion Survivors - Deformities

That's what somebody was searching for. Here's some information:

Gianna Jessen Story. Gianna isn't deformed; she's a lovely girl. But she's not that photogenic. I've not seen a single photo that even begins to do her justice. But back to the point: the abortion that was meant to kill her instead left her with cerebral palsy. It's heartbreaking to see this vibrant young woman with a noticeable limp, and know that the limp is because her mother tried to kill her.

Ximena Renaerts was not so fortunate as Gianna. Ximena was left paralyzed and brain-damaged. Like Gianna, she was adopted by a loving family. Would that these girls' mothers would have made adoption plans in the first place, and saved their daughters the agony of the prenatal assaults they endured!

Ana Rosa Rodriguez is perhaps the abortion survivor who got the most attention at her birth. National Abortion Federation member Abu Hayat ripped her arm off when trying to dismember her at 32 weeks.

Claire Garton, like Ana Rosa, had her arm torn off during a late-abortion attempt. But the assault on Claire took place in Korea. She was adopted by Dr. Jean Garton, a prolife activist in the United States. Again, how much better it would have been for everybody if the birth mother had simply made an adoption plan!

Pro-choice, pro-choice? NOT!

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