Saturday, February 25, 2006

Don't bother this person with facts!

cad_red_ducati: Read this and be PISSED OFF!!!

cad_red_ducati only allows friends to post at his/her/its Live Journal, so that he/she/it won't be pestered with annoying things like reality. He/she/it posted:
Read this and be PISSED OFF!!!
Sections of the purposed law to criminalize abortion in South Dakota:

Section 2. The Legislature finds that the life of a human being begins when the ovum is fertilized by male sperm. The Legislature finds that the explosion of knowledge derived from new recombinant DNA technologies over the past twenty-five years has reinforced the validity of the finding of this scientific fact.
The Legislature finds that, based upon the evidence derived from thirty years of legalized abortions in this country, the interests of pregnant mothers protected under the South Dakota Bill of Rights have been adversely affected as abortions terminate the constitutionally protected fundamental interest of the pregnant mother in her relationship with her child and abortions are performed without a truly informed or voluntary consent or knowing waiver of the woman's rights and interests. The Legislature finds that the state has a duty to protect the pregnant mother's fundamental interest in her relationship with her unborn child.

Section 4. The Legislature finds that abortion procedures impose significant risks to the health and life of the pregnant mother, including subjecting women to significant risk of severe depression, suicidal ideation, suicide, attempted suicide, post traumatic stress disorders, adverse impact in the lives of women, physical injury, and a greater risk of death than risks associated with carrying the unborn child to full term and childbirth.

I, for one, find these two sections extremely paternalistic. What in insult to any adult woman! Also the section 4 is a total rehash of all the “abortion causes depression” crap that the anti-choicers spew.

I wanted to respond:
And I supposed you'd like to personally tell Stacy Zallie's parents that their daughter's suicide was just a figment of "antichoicers" imaginations. Just like we imagined Arlin della Cruz's suicide. And Sandra Kaiser's. And Carol Cunningham's. And Sandra Roe's.

I'm sure these families will be very comforted to know that their daughters didn't really kill themselves, that it's just them mean old antichoicers who made them think that their daughters are dead.

And I guess we somehow infiltrated the brains of CDC researchers and made them imagine a greater rate of violent deaths among women in the year post-abortion.

Gosh, we're just Svengali-like in our ability to make people imagine dead women where there are none!

But cad_red_ducati is too smart for me! He/she/it has foiled my attempts to make him/her/it see all these non-existent dead women!

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