Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Marie Claire Magazine Writing on CPCs

Marie Claire Magazine Writing on CPCs (Rachael's Web Journal)

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My hands are shaking as I write this. Of all the things abortion advocates do, this one rattles me the most. How many women have died because they've gone to these CPC? NONE. How many women have died because they've gone to abortion facilities? I've got over two hundred listed on my Cemetery of Choice, dozens more I've not written up because the information is so sketchy, and there are countless others who have died, unremarked but by their families and by God.

The vicious attacks on CPCs, in tandem with the blithe indifference to the palpable damage abortion facilities do with their quackery, demonstrates clearly that the top priority of the prochoice movement isn't women's lives, women's health, women's well-being, or even women's choices.

There's no huge Silent No More movement of women whose souls and bodies were damaged because they trusted CPCs. There's nothing but a sniveling contingent of petulant, spoilt brats who got all whiny because they wanted a dead fetus but got offers of real help instead. And why did they walk into CPCs to begin with, if they knew they wanted abortions? The Yellow Pages make it very clear which advertisers sell abortions and which don't. They can always walk out the door and get what they want. No harm done.

No woman has ended up with a hysterectomy or a colostomy because she visited a CPC. No woman has ended up with her life in a tailspin because she visited a CPC. No woman has ended up in her grave because she trusted a CPC. Many have been helped, a few have been irritated. And that's it.

But terrible fates have met women who trusted abortion clinics. Young girls have had to have hysterectomies before they were out of high school. Women have ended up passing waste through a stoma into a bag for the rest of their lives. They've ended up in mental hospitals, in nursing homes, and in cemeteries. And where is the prochoice movement's concern for these women? There is none. As long as the fetus dies, it's a happy ending. Even if there was no fetus, if the woman only thought she was pregnant, if she gets vacuumed out, mission accomplished. That's all that matters.

I don't know how to even begin to get the prochoice movement to care about women. I've been trying for over twenty years now. I've seen individuals learn to care more about women than about politics, but they all become converts to the prolife cause. And then, like me, they realize that they're powerless to do anything to protect the women who think that they can trust Planned Parenthood, NAF, and NARAL to look after their best interests.

It's the great paradox of our time.

For a permanent version of this article, along with a table showing CPC victims versus abortion facility victims, go to "Who Should We Investigate?"

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