Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blog Roundup: Abortion Is Good, and more

Majikthise : Abortion is good

Disillusioned Lefty cogitates on abortion and concludes it should be illegal, all without bringing religion into the picture.

Cuckoo ponders "What is it about abortion that turns our legislators - some of them - into puerile idiots, as exemplified by Greens Senator Kerry Nettle giggling like a schoolgirl over her t-shirt slogan "Mr. Abbott, keep your rosaries off my ovaries"? I don't know what score Senator Nettle got for biology if she thinks abortion has something to do with ovaries.

Tom Harper doesn't understand the concept of redacting identifying data. He seems convinced that the Kansas AG's investigation into clinics facilitating sexual abuse is going to net Big Brother a directory of women who've undergone abortions in Kansas.

Hugo Schwyzer makes some excellent comments on "abortion marches and beauty contests". I'll let him in on the joke, since he is such a smart, decent sort of fellow.

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