Friday, February 10, 2006

"I Didn't Have a Choice" and other web worthies

Ink and Incapability has blogged some interesting comments about the debate between angry clown and me about the home abortion recipe.


"I Don't Have a Choice" looks at a father's remorseless boasting about how he and his wife badgered their 15-year-old daughter into an unwanted abortion:
Faced with [the possibility of having to raise his grandchild], then, as Mr. X goes on to describe, the family staged an "intervention," inviting 15 female relatives and friends to the house to exhort the girl to have an abortion. Having still failed to change her mind, Mr. and Mrs. X then took her to a counseling session at Planned Parenthood. When they returned home, the parents asked the daughter what she was going to do. "I don't have a choice," she replied. She went on to have the abortion.


serendipity (I had a cat with that name!) is "grateful that abortion has been and still is a legal medical procedure that women have the right to choose here in the United States of America." I can start listing women who might be a little more grateful if they weren't so dead.


I can't even begin to link to all the prochoice bloggers with their panties in a twist over South Dakota's move toward recriminalizing abortion. There are fewer than 900 abortions a year in South Dakota, with about 100 other women going out of state. You can see a more detailed breakdown here. The South Dakota heartland has a lower than 5% abortion rate. Overall, the women of South Dakota elect abortion for only 7.6% of pregnancies. In the counties with the highest abortion rates, only about 10% of pregnant women opt for a dead fetus rather than a live one, and these counties are close to the state line anyway. Gosh, they'd have to mosey over to the Promised Land of Minnesota, where no doubt some abortionist whose wits are as sharp as his curette would set up a clinic and maybe even charter buses to make the round trip. The few women who want dead babies would learn to adjust. The rest would, judging by the fact that they've elected such prolife legislators, be glad to no longer have the shadow of abortion looming over them.

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