Monday, February 13, 2006

Richard Mucie, Physician-Abortionist

Somebody was searching for Richard Mucie. He was the ENT who performed the fatal abortion on Nancy Ward in 1968. After Roe, Mucie appealed his conviction in Nancy's death and had her abortion retroactively declared legal. (Which leaves abortion advocates in a quandry: Was Nancy's abortion an inexcusable, tragic, back-alley abortion? Or was it just an example of how all surgery has risks? I've yet to get any answer.)

Mucie got in trouble again with the Missouri medical board after getting his license back, but since he is dead they won't release any information.

For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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Unknown said...

I haven`t found any posts in hereon Physician-Abortionists who has done a good job (not taking stand to if abortion is good or bad) - but maybe there aren`t any good ones?
If you really want women to survive the surgery, maybe it could be helpful to write something nice about a "good" Physician-Abortionist? So women who dont agree with everything in here, and who has decided to do an abortion, can make a better choise (or less bad)on which Physician-Abortionist to choose?

Christina Dunigan said...

Why would I participate in harming a woman and killing her child? I refer all women to real help, not to the psuedo-help of abortion.