Monday, February 27, 2006

CBS: Evil, or just stupid?

JivinJehoshaphat: CBS, what about adult stem cell research?
Last night while flipping thru the channels ... I came upon a 60 Minutes story on stem cell research. The transcript is here. The slanted story which didn't have an interview with anyone who is opposed to embryonic stem cell research had some solid whoppers in it. .... But I think the most amazing (even though relatively predictable) part of the segment is that stem cells from adults and umbilical cords weren't mentioned once. .... After discussing how embryonic stem cell research still needs to jump over some hurdles before it can be tested in humans, we learn that there is 'one area of stem-cell research' that is ready for human testing.'But there is one area of stem-cell research that is now ready for human testing and it may be the only chance that Joanna and Marcus Kerner have to save the life of their 6-year-old son, Daniel.'Guess which area. .... It's research on stem cells from aborted children. .... I guess America doesn't need to know that research with adult stem cells has outpaced embryonic stem cell research with regards to spinal cord injuries, heart disease and diabetes when hyping embryonic stem cells seems to never get old.

Does anybody know how to contact these turkeys and hold their feet to the fire? They're not doing investigative journalism. They're doing public relations for embryonic stem-cell researchers.

Again I ask, are they evil, or just stupid?

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