Monday, February 13, 2006

Steve Lichtenberg and FPA

Somebody was searching, so here's what I have handy:

Lichtenberg, a frequent presenter at National Abortion Federation "Risk Management Seminars," performed the fatal abortion on 13-year-old Deanna Bell.

Once, when boasting of his prowess at a NAF event, Lichtenberg got chewed out by then Planned Parenthood Medical Director Michael Burnhill, who was moderating. Burnhill told Lichtenberg that he was taking unacceptable risks with patients' lives, doing risky abortions in a clinic setting and doing emergency surgery to treat complications in a clinic procedure room when he ought to transport the women to a properly equipped hospital. I don't recall if Burnhill gave him this tongue-lashing before or after Lichtenberg had killed Deanna Bell.

I'm not at my home computer, so I'll have to follow up later with any additional information I may have in my notes.

As for Family Planning Associates Medical Group, as I'm sure my searcher knows, the Chicago-area facility where Lichtenberg performed the fatal abortion on Deanna Bell was a member facility, though most of the FPA mills are in California. They're owned by Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred, a multimillionaire who also breeds racehorses. (So, racing fans, yes, the Edward Allred that owns all those horses is also the Edward Allred who owns all those deadly abortion mills.)

I have more stuff on FPA than on anybody else, probably because of three things:

1. FPA is the single largest for-profit abortion chain in the world.
2. FPA is a veritable duck pond of quacks.
3. Some diligent soul went digging through public record documents during the 1980s and unearthed mounds of dirt.

The sheer volume of FPA wrong-doing has kept me from publishing it all. What I'll do here is just list the FPA dead that I'm aware of. If you need more, I suggest you use the search box on any of those pages to poke around the RealChoice site. And if you need even more, let me know and I'll dig up my notes. But do try to be specific. It'd be a job of several weeks to get everything I have on them organized and posted. And my stuff is old. God only knows what new quackery hasn't been dug up yet by researchers.

The FPA dead:

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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