Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You asked: Coathanger abortion, perinatal hospice, Miami Lake

Coathanger Abortion: Powerful image, but how true to life?

Perinatal Hospice Links

Robelto A. Osborne was an abortion practitioner at A Woman's Choice Clinic in Miami Lakes. He lost his license, but continued to perform abortions at A Gyn Diagnostic Center in Miramar. Osborne had lost his license for botching abortions, and for failing to return emergency calls from women suffering complications after their abortions. Osborne was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

Documents about Osborne are available at the New York medical board web site. A patient identified as D.F. (I'll call her "Dinah") suffered a severe uterine perforation during her abortion. Osborne didn't realize he'd injured her. She suffered pain and bleeding, and called Osborne's office several times, but nobody returned her call. Dinah eventually went to a hospital where her uterus had to be removed due to the damage and retained fetal parts.

Patient M.D. (I'll call her "Marnie") underwent an abortion by Osborne, suffering a tear in her uterus and damage to her small intestine. She had pain and bleeding but Osborne did not evaluate her condition. The next day, Marnie went to a hospital reporting weakness and abdominal pain. She required surgery to remove fetal remains, repair the damage to her uterus, and resect her small intestine.

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