Saturday, February 25, 2006

Is Milagros Cerron, the "mermaid baby", okay?

Somebody was searching for "sirenomelia baby died". I am worried that this means that little Milagros Cerron, the second documented survivor of "mermaid syndrome", has died. All my search has turned up is medical case studies of infants who had the usual, fatal form of sirenomelia, which involves kidneys that are severely dysfunctional or even absent. These infants typically die in-utero, or within a few hours of birth, if they're fortunate enough not to have been diagnosed prenatally and targeted for abortion.

Does anybody know anything? Is Milagros okay?


Anonymous said...

I saw an article about her celebrating her birthday on the site

God Bless her wherever she is :)

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx! I'll turn that into a link.

Anonymous said...

Are there any already grown person alive with this syndrome?? it looks so weird and almost disgusting.

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