Friday, February 10, 2006

Blog/Web Roundup

Santorum Nails Hillary on Abortion at CPAC

Mark Tooley at National Review Online penned food for thought in Aborting Churches, a look at the impact of abortion advocacy on denominations and congregations. Tooley reminds us that the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice" got its original funding from the Playboy Foundation. (Hm... God... mammon.... God... mammon.... We'll take mammon.)

Jill Stanek drew MSM attention to the "overly graphic" prolife ads. Okay, it's just Fox, which is on the edges and in the eddies of the MSM, but we take what we can get. Is this the hand of God or not? One newspaper refuses the ads, and now the nation will get to see them, and to appreciate the kind of censorship that's bent on keeping them in the dark.

I'm still a little unclear on how the pro-life search engine works, but FRC is mentioning it.

Shinebynight is perplexed about informed consent legislation. I'm betting that shinebynight won't be easy to convince, but it won't hurt to try to tell him/her exactly why this is necessary.

Evidently sirriamnis saw the same episode of Law & Order I saw, but concluded that "Wow, fundamentalist nutcases are annoying even in fiction." I concluded that stereotypes are perpetuated by snarky TV script writers. They decided to completely forgo the typical Law & Order plot twist and instead went with a straightforward, "Yeah, them freaky antichoice zealots just want to kill brave, loving Daddies who just happen to also provide vital reproductive health services to women." Gee, don't deviate an inch from the NARAL line! Whereas a twist in which it was learned that the befuddled shooter was being manipulated by somebody whose wife the abortionist was sleeping with would have been a clever twist, and certainly not out-of-keeping with the kinds of home lives abortionists often seem to have. Or how about if the shooter turned out to be the father of an underage girl who ended up needing a hysterectomy and colostomy after the abortionist vacuumed her out at the request of her 30-year-old abuser? The possibilities were endless.

Puppybraille makes apt observations on a professor who lamented that an author didn't include the "obvious" option of abortion in a chart looking at options for parents facing a genetic disorder.

Squibbohere doesn't understand why the MAP is a form of abortion.

Poor strangelilgirl2 is nervous about being in the odd position of being in a prochoice minority in a majority-prolife women's studies class. I invited her here, and to After Abortion, and also suggested that she post her ideas on her LiveJournal and invite us over for feedback before trying things out in class. L., Zygote, and achromic, maybe you ladies can give her a hand.

Whatawookie adheres to the Don't like abortions? Don't have one. fallacy. I pointed out to her that women have been lied to and coerced into unwanted abortions. Shari was told that abortion was necessary to save her life, when her doctor just thought that her disabled baby ought not to be brought to term. Marla Cardamone was browbeaten into an unwanted abortion by a social worker who lied to her and told her that her baby would be severely disabled; Marla ended up dying with her fetus in a botched abortion. Suzanne was doped up and duped into an abortion despite her efforts to save her baby.

Hegemom repeats the AGI mantras about how needless parental involvement laws are. I reminder her that one Planned Parenthood helped to take an underage girl out of state for an abortion despite her mother's desperate attempts to prevent the surgery. Dawn Ravenelle, Erica Richardson, Sophie McCoy, and Tamia Russel died after abortions arranged behind their parents' backs. Sandra Kaiser killed herself after an abortion done behind her mother's back. Involving the parents isn't a panacea. Teresa Causey and Erna Fisher were both clutching their mother's hands when they died on the abortion table. But considering how much parental involvement cuts the number of teens undergoing abortions in the first place, it no doubt also reduces the number of parents who get to watch in horror as their daughters die needlessly.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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