Thursday, February 23, 2006

Searchers - Herbal abortion and more

Lately I'm getting a lot of visitors hopping over from my response to the home-abortion tea recipe. I went through the posts and the readers there don't seem to understand that abortion attempts can lead the woman to attribute her symptoms to the abortion rather than to an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in death. L., if you're here, can you try explaining it to them one more time? They seem to think I'm telling them that the abortion tea can relocate the embryo! (While at the same time they deny that there actually is an embryo. Lots of confusion over there.)

Interestingly enough, somebody else was looking for the Kris Humphrey abortion lawsuit. Kris's parents are suing the herbalist that sold her the pennyroyal from which she made her home-abortion tea. Kris died from liver damage and complications of an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. Kris attributed her symptoms the the abortifacient effects of her tea, and kept dosing herself, damaging her liver and allowing the ectopic pregnancy to rutpure. This is the sort of thing I've been trying to warn the angry-for-a-reason gang about.

As for the Brenda Vise abortion lawsuit, I'm not up to date on how the suit is progressing, but the information about Brenda's death is here. L., you might reference Brenda's death if you go talk to the angry-for-a-reason home-abortion crowd: Brenda died from an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy because she, and her "health care providers", attributed her symptoms to the normal abortion process instead of recognizing that her life was in danger.

I'm not sure what the searcher is looking for with "no fetus in sac". Information in this article, When the POC Really is Just Tissue, might answer your question.

The search for "abortion deaths pre-Roe" should carry over to the Cemetery of Choice. Just click on dates that are prior to Roe. If you're looking for something more specific, let me know.

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