Monday, February 13, 2006

Someone asked for Dennis Miller and Abortion Deaths

Erna Fisher died under Miller's dubious care in 1988.

In a suit that reminds you not to trust your care to an abortionist, Carmona E. alleged that Miller's failure to tie her incompetent cervix resulted in the premature birth and resulting retardation of her son in 1980. Her suit alleged multiple other acts of negligence alleged in Miller's handling of her care. The case settled for $2.2 million. (Kansas City Star 6-3-90)

That same article indicates that Miller assisted in a 1977 sterilization that was botched, resulting in multiple burns and perforations of the woman's bowel, causing the loss of of 30 inches of intestine. This case settled out of court.

A suit filed by the survivors of Lisa A., age 21, alleged that Miller's failure to investigate the cause of protein in her urine, and failure to diagnose her kidney infection, resulted in septic shock. Lisa underwent 11 surgical procedures, but died October 16, 1986. (Kansas City Star 6-3-90)

Another woman who underwent an abortion by Miller in 1985 in his office said the procedure "was fast and it hurt." She suffered infection and sought care from other doctors. They diagnosed a punctured cervix and sent her back to Miller for follow-up. Miller told her nothing was amiss. The woman was hospitalized by other doctors who removed retained fetal tissue. She settled out of court. (Kansas City Star 6-3-90)

Yet another woman was 33 when she underwent an abortion and sterilization procedure by Miller in 1985. He perforated her bowel. She ended up losing 36 inches of intestine and had to have a hysterectomy. She faulted Miller with failure to verify the pregnancy before performing abortion; she had not even been. She settled for $200,000. (Kansas City Star 6-3-90)

In a 2 1/2 year period, from 1987 to mid 1990, Miller settled no fewer than six malpractice lawsuits. Report also says Miller failed the Kansas licensing exams eight times, passing on the ninth try. He failed the licensing exam three times in Missouri, and failed his OB/GYN board certification exam twice. (Kansas City Star 6-3-90)

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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