Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More recent searches.

Somebody wanted Steve Lichtenberg. He's the guy who performed the fatal abortion on 13-year-old Deanna Bell. Strangely enough, I can't find Lichtenberg on the Illinois medical board's physician database.

Someone else was looking for dr. turow. Dr. David Turow performed the fatal abortion on Kathleen Gilbert, and provided the inadequate abortion aftercare that allowed Dorothy Muzorewa to bleed to death. More information on Turow's malpractice is here. According to the Illinois medical board's physician database, Turow is dead.

Another search was for richard schwarz septic abortion. I have nothing on a Richard Schwarz on RealChoice. Nor do I have anything in my notes. I think what this person is looking for is Septic Abortion, by Dr. Richard Schwarz, published in 1968. This book cites the discredited overestimates of abortion deaths originally put forth by Frederick Taussig. In other words, whatever other value the book may have, it's not a reliable source for statistics.

Somebody was searching for abortionist harvey johnson. Johnson performed the fatal abortion on Shary Graham while working for Carol Everett. I searched the Texas medical board site, and found a John Harvey Johnson III, deceased, at 11617 North Central Freeway in Dallas. I'm not sure if this is the same Dr. Harvey Johnson who was responsible for Shary's death.

Someone searched for pre-Roe abortion deaths. I recommend that this searcher simply go to the Cemetery of Choice and click on deaths with pre-1973 dates. Since this search seems fairly common, I might need to put them all on one page together.

Another person searched for abortion+stories+teen. I blogged this topic before, at Teen Abortion Stories.

And, the last for this roundup, is the search for why do women use abortion for birth control. I did a series, Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?.

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