Monday, February 20, 2006

A question for my regulars

I'm slogging away through my RealChoice site and my notes. I really need to start writing regular articles again based on my notes and new research, as tedious as this is.

Here's a question for you. What should I do about blog entries that include information that people might want ready access to. Should I just list them as articles in my Archives at RealChoice, or should I transfer the information onto RealChoice template pages and post them over there? Both the blog and RealChoice have search engines.

The benefits of just linking:
-I don't have to do all the work of copying, formatting, and posting.
-The articles are only in one place.

The benefits of putting them up on RealChoice:
-They're easier to find on a search.
-I can put relevant information for particular articles in the sidebar.

While we're on the topic of RealChoice, I really need to get the site professionally hosted so that it's more user-friendly, but I am broke. If anybody knows of somebody willing to underwrite the expenses -- about $500 for the set-up, and about $25 a month to maintain -- please connect us.

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