Saturday, February 18, 2006

Somebody wanted Sidney C. Laughlin

My RealChoice site has this:

Back Alley Butchers vs Main Street Maimers
Dr. Sidney C. Laughlin
Former employees of Dr. Sidney C. Laughlin alleged that he performed illegal late-term abortions in a bedroom of his home, across the street from an elementary school. Upon investigating the allegation, police found a dismembered 16-week fetus in his trash. The autopsy on the fetus noted right and left arm dismembered at the shoulder, organs, legs and feet, and macerated and opened head containing fragments of brain tissue. The medical examiner also noted other embryonic tissues, blood-stained pads, rubber gloves, and an empty syringe in the bags collected by the police. A nurse who claimed to have assisted in 4 or 5 abortions in his home said Laughlin sterilized abortion instruments in his dishwasher. The nurse said she quit assisting in these abortions after she observed Laughlin aborting a 28-week old fetus, 4 weeks past the 24-week legal limit. She also said Laughlin owed her $3000 in back wages. Equipment found in Laughlin's home included suction machine, medications, and an exam table. One former employee also allegedly said she is now embarrassed to have worked for Laughlin, and that "He laughed about dismembering babies." Laughlin denied disposing of the fetus, saying "I've always disposed of them through a medical [waste company]." Laughlin also denied that it would be improper or illegal to perform abortions in the doctor's home. Because a law restricting 2nd-trimester abortions to hospitals had been found unconstitutional by the state attorney general in 1984, Laughlin said that no law would prevent abortions from being done in a home. (The Sunday Oklahoman 7-5-92)

I can't find anything on Laughlin on the Oklahoma medical board site.


Kat said...

Please contact me for an exchange of information about S. Laughlin

Christina Dunigan said...

I need contact info if I'm gonna do that.

Anonymous said...

If he is the same Dr.Sid Laughlin that came to the Blackwell Health Dept. And delivered babies at Stillwater Medical Center in1984..he delivered my premature 3lb daughter. Would love to know if this was him. I consider myself lucky to hadmy baby before he became a twisted and greedy SOB.