Sunday, November 09, 2008

And so it begins: Man arrested for wearing McCain t-shirt

Man arrested for wearing McCain/Palin t-shirt, to the jubilant cheers of Obama supporters.

First they came for Joe the Plumber.

Can some of you understand now why we find this man and his worshippers frightening? He isn't even in the White House yet, and you can get arrested merely for wearing an opposition t-shirt.

Is this what you wanted when you voted for him?

Sadly, in many cases I think the answer was yes. It certainly was on that Philadelphia street.

Were a guy in an Obama shirt being arrested in a McCain victory celebration, I get the feeling that people would be asking, "What'd he do?" I know I'd be asking the guy with the camera if he'd seen what the guy did that he was getting arrested for, and if I'd been told, "As far as I can tell, just for wearing the t-shirt," I'd have been trying to raise an outcry from the crowd against the arrest. This crowd seems content with the fact that somebody in an opposition t-shirt was the first to be rounded up for the re-education camps.

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Anonymous said...

This is enraging. I'm certain the bloggers and talk shows will be hitting this story hard over the next few days.

Anonymous said...
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Christina Dunigan said...

Don't anybody bother responding to Frank. He's a troll, and you'll only encourage him. I'll get notifications when he posts, and just nuke them one by one until he gets tired of being an asshole here and goes and does his asshole thing someplace more gratifying.