Monday, November 10, 2008

Wanting Obama to succeed

I was listening to Sean Hannity on the drive home, and the issue came up of whether or not he wants Obama to succeed as President. An Obama supporter called in and said -- I think very validly -- that he doesn't think Sean wants Obama to succeed.

If somebody were to ask, "Do you want Obama to succeed?" my immediate response would be, "Hell, no!" Because if I wanted his agenda -- "spread the wealth", kowtowing to the abortion lobby, bankrupting the coal industry, etc. -- I'd have voted for him in the first place.

But if you re-phrased it as "Do you want Obama to be a successful President?" the answer would be "Yes," because of how I define a successful President: one who leads the country toward greater freedom, justice, prosperity, and inclusiveness.

Now, Obama supporters would say, "Well, that's why we voted for him!"

But Liberals and Conservatives define these things differently.

I could go into a whole litany, but I'll just stick with life issues.

Liberal "freedom" includes the freedom to practice abortion without let or hindrance, in practice usually at the expense of the very women "choice" is supposed to help, and always at the cost of the lives of unborn children who have done no wrong.

Liberal "justice" includes forcing medical professionals to participate in the killing of unborn children, disabled newborns, people with severe cognitive disabilities, and depressed people whose lives the Liberals deem not really worth living due to illness or disability.

Liberal "justice" includes forcing taxpayers to fund abortions -- including (perhaps unwittingly, but nonetheless) unwanted abortions here at home and coerced and forced abortions under repressive regimes around the world.

Liberal "inclusiveness" excludes the unborn, the severely disabled, the depressed and sick, and micropreemies. Not to mention it excludes any right to dissenting speech.

So for Obama to "succeed" he would pursue and achieve all these things he has promised to pursue, at the cost of vulnerable women, unborn children, and people of all ages with profound disabilities or chronic ailments. I can't want him to succeed at these things.

To be a "successful" President, as Conservatives define it, he would have to, among other things, decide to pursue inclusiveness -- treating everybody, regardless of age, abilities, or "wantedness" as valuable members of our community.

I want him to be a successful President. Which means I can't want him to succeed.

Confused enough yet?


Kathy said...


We can pray for him, but not for him to be "successful" as he would define it, because his success is the promotion of immorality.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kathy just spoke my words and sentiments perfectly. Ditto!

Anonymous said...

People will be steeped in beast worship and they will wake up when it's too late. Not all that glitters is gold.

Anonymous said...

Well stated.