Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hermit emerges from cave

Some poor soul stumbled onto my blog wanting to know WHICH STATES ALLOW ABORTIONS!

No wonder we had no luck getting the point across with Obama and the BAIPA. Some of our fellow citizens don't even know abortion is LEGAL.


Anonymous said...

I too misunderstood restrictions (are there any???) and was unaware of late term abortions until the partial birth abortion ban legislation was attempted under then President Clinton. I am ashamed of this. I guess ignorance was bliss, but then knowledge is power.... Only I don't feel too powerful....

Christina said...

I have also seen this. I recently had to correct someone who basically thought things were the way they were before Roe (that it was up to each state to legalize abortion or not.)

Boy was he surprised.

And then there are those who simply can't believe that abortion procedures are as gruesome as they really are.

Anonymous said...

And Emotional is a better way of describing me than confrontational) I am finding now that I'm trying to be vocal that not only do people not know about late term abortions but they cannot trust the numbers or the horrors reported because we cannot believe what we read, especially if it's not unbiased. So I would basically have to come up with something not from pro life or pro choice camps. I found Wikipedia...that's the best I can do right now.

Christina Dunigan said...

I overheard a woman telling somebody abortion isn't legal after 12 weeks. I opened her phone book to the beginning of the Yellow Pages and showed her the two facing ads, one full page and one half-page, advertising in gigantic letters "Abortions to 24 Weeks" right there in town. She scowled at me. About a week later I heard her again talking to somebody and again insisting that abortions aren't legal after 12 weeks.

Once I had a guy I sent to the National Abortion Federation web site and to Abortion Clinics Online, George Tiller's web site, and two other late term abortionists' web sites. He responded that those pages were obvioulsy "antichoice forgeries".

Another woman refused to accept reports from the CDC as evidence because, she snorted, "abortion isn't a disease!"

Some people cling to their ignorance with the tenacity of the damned.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. Don't give up though. I don't know how you have the heart to do as much as you do here with this blog. I really do want to help in any way I can.