Friday, November 07, 2008

Data collection suggestion

We have virtually no information on why post-viability abortions are done in this country. I think we need to start mandating the collection of the following data:

1. Estimated gestational age
2. How gestational age was determined
2a. How was the gestational age verified after the abortion?
3. Was this baby deemed viable prior to the abortion?
4. What methods were used to come to the above conclusion?
5. What provisions were made for a live birth?
6. Was there a live birth? If so, what actions were taken?
7. What was the reason for the abortion?
7a. If the abortion was for rape or incest, was the crime reported?
7a1. If no, why not?
7a2. If yes, what is the outcome of the reporting?
7b. If incest or statutory rape, what steps, if any, have been taken to ensure the patient will not be subjected to further abuse?
7c. What provisions, if any, have been made to provide the patient with ongoing counseling?
8. If the abortion was for maternal or fetal indications, was the woman self-referred or physician referred?
8a. What steps, if any, were taken to confirm the diagnosis?
8b. What is the ICD-9 code for the diagnosis?
8c. What treatment or support options other than abortion were discussed with the patient? Why were these options rejected?
8d. If for maternal health, what provisions were made for follow-up care for the patient's health condition?
8e. If for fetal indications, how was the diagnosis confirmed after the abortion?

Any suggestions? I'd particularly like to hear from women who were referred for "health" or "fetal indications" abortions.

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