Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let me guess -- public school educations?

The View is pretty dim, it seems. Neither Whoopi Goldberg nor Sherri Shepherd had a clue what suffrage is. Whoopi read it off the teleprompter, evidently, then had a "Tell me about the rabbits, George" moment which Sherri compounded with, "I guess it’s when black people had to, you know, they didn’t want to die for being black. They didn’t want to be lynched. They wanted to be able to walk through the front door."

It's the right to vote, you addlepated twits!

Do your freaking homework before the show. It's not like they don't pay you enough to review what's gonna be coming up on the teleprompter and at least make sure you understand the big words.

Particularly big words that you could have learned just by sitting slack-jawed in front of the TV as a kid.

And Whoopi is the same dim bulb that didn't understand what the 13th Amendment did. It freed the slaves dipstick! By clear Constitutional process that can't simply be undone because a President has a senior moment or whatever she thought McCain was going to do to put chains on her wrists.

Overpaid bimbos, the whole clueless lot of them.


WKen said...

You were watching "The View"? What were you thinking? If you wanted pain, why not just slam your hand in the car door or something?

I've never watched the show, but I've also never heard anyone mention it without saying some idiotic thing said by (at least) one of the panelists.

In fairness ... I graduated from public schools, and I know the word "suffrage." These TV commentators around now have their own special kind of stupidity.

Christina Dunigan said...

I don't watch "The View". I don't watch TV at all. I found the clip on NewsBusters. One of the things they provide is proof positive of the utter inane worthlessness of so much of what informs our fellow citizens. Which goes a long way to explain how Obama won.

Though I'd at least hoped that people who watched "Doctor Who" would recognize Harold Saxon when they saw him.

Anonymous said...

I just saw that Dr. Who episode and was blown away by how close it mirrored what happened here....

WKen said...

Ah ... yes, NewsBusters. Never mind. That makes perfect sense. Sorry.

The ignorance of the American public is staggering, that's for certain.