Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Does evil disguise itself as stupidity?

A rant. A full-fledged temper tantrum.

I've got a ... an individual who argues the most inane arguments. Such as: That an embryo isn't alive. ISN'T ALIVE.

If it's not alive, how can it grow? How can it develop into a fetus, and from there into a newborn? How do its cells reproduce and metabolize? And if it isn't alive IT WILL BE EXPELLED NATURALLY. That's called a miscarriage. Which is NOT an induced abortion. If you sell an induced abortion to somebody whose uterus does NOT contain a living embryo, you are guilty of FRAUD, and you will lose your medical license faster than if you did an abortion to kill a live embryo and managed to disembowel the mother while you were at it.

Such stupidity enrages me.

This is addlepated thinking that makes the most washed-out stoner look like Stephen Hawkings.

Unlike stoners, they don't just mind their own business, watching cartoons and eating Fritos. They organize. They infest blogs.

God help us, they VOTE.

When you have this kind of active rejection of truth, you have, well, active rejection of the Truth behind all truth.

And Satan is the Father of Lies, acting in opposition to Truth.

So... is the stupidity just a variation of evil?

Do they know it's evil?

Or are the, like the stoner, truly convinced that they're on to some deep metaphysical reality that ordinary people don't grasp?

At what point is the choice made? And what exactly is the choice? Are they knowingly selling their souls for whatever it is they gain by the stupidity? What sort of Faustian bargain do you make, that gains you not great knowledge and power, but just... just ...

What the hell do they get out of it?

I ranted a while, but I've come back and edited part of the rant out because I think I have a bit of a clue.

What do they get out of it?

The ability to do what their hearts tell them is a terrible evil without seeing the evil.

Why, if the embryo's not ALIVE, then you can't kill it, right? So it's okay to just keep having abortions. Because you're not killing anything. You're just ... removing some tissue. Like an endometrial biopsy, right?

In order to have to cling so tenaciously to something so patently false, they must at some level have a strong desire to be good.

Just not strong enough to make them take off the moral equivalent of Beer Goggles and see reality.


Amy said...

Sin makes you stupid, so evil can disguise itself as stupidity...

JosephineMO7 said...

IT is willful ignorance. They need it to be so and whatever they can use to make it so, no matter how stupid, is used. MY mother is this way and we have not talked since I was pregnant with my 9 year old. They decide what truth is and then look for stuff to back it up. You should have a conversation with mommy dearest. your head would positively explode.

She actually argued with me along time ago that the Spanish word for question was preguntas and this meant that the Spanish/Mexican really didn't regard the pregnancy or the baby as a given. IT was up to the mother to answer the question.

Yeah so we don't talk anymore.

Christina Dunigan said...

Part of me recognizes that I should feel sorry for them. I've read the "Angry for a Reason" blog -- which is where the pathologically stupid posters come from.

These women get pregnant to men they don't even like. In some cases, they have a hard time even remembering who they got pregnant to. They just woke up with some guy after a party and have to assume they had sex with him because they later turned up pregnant. And they come looking for cheap home abortion recipes so they can maintain this lifestyle of passing out with some creep and turning up pregnant. Is that really so satisfying that you buy it at the cost of your children's lives and your own human potential, much less your own immortal soul?

They're not just throwing their babies' lives away. They're throwing their own lives away. And that's pitiful. But they CHOOSE it. Every day. And they stand angry and smug and belligerently in defense of it.

As Screwtape said to Wormwood, "To get a man's soul and give him nothing in return-"

If they were only getting nothing, they'd be getting a better deal.

Christina Dunigan said...

Jose, pointing out that the Spanish for pregnant is embarazado didn't help, did it?

They'll just stretch it to the max, come up with anything.

I'm so sorry it's your mom. That's a million times worse than just having your blog infested with one once in a while.

Christina Dunigan said...

I remember another example of willful stupidity.

I was at a Town Hall Meeting with Arlin Specter. I brought up the topic of abortion malpractice and deaths, and some woman sitting behind me, in a gaggle of other women, asked where I'd gotten the idea that women died from safe, legal abortions.

I started, "The Centers for Disease Control --" but before I could even finish my sentence, she sniggered, "Well, abortion's not a disease!"

She and her gaggle grinned smugly, safe in their ignorance. The CDC can't be counting abortion deaths, because it's the Centers for DISEASE Control, and abortion isn't a disease, so there!

What in the world is worth buying at the cost of your own reason and intellect?

Joe said...

Opponents of unborn human rights have two needs as I see it: 1) they must have criminal abortion available because they have a psychological need for it; and 2) they must convince themselves any way they can that it is morally acceptable.

They do not want to do without it, but they don't want to just have abortion available while feeling they are sociopathic and immoral to support it or commit it. They must have it available and they must have it be right.

Since they cannot defend it using logic, they MUST always resort to intellectual dishonesty. This is why we always encounter from them the most inane and absurd arguments imaginable, as well as the most breathtakingly dishonest.

They are between a rock and a hard place. Remember, we are dealing with people who call themselves "progressive" and "compassionate" and "humanitarian". They believe they are very advanced and good and moral. They want to be feel good about themselves while supporting the worst violence there ever was.

They are trapped by their own psychology and I do not know how they can ever get out of that trap.

JosephineMO7 said...

The best part was she read it off the back of a package of paper towels and presented it in a "so there" tone. We were discusses the mexico city policy and I was telling her that these woman do not want IUDs and abortions. Neither of us know the Spanish language.

Mamabear said...

You go right ahead and rant! Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were more rants like yours? It's just down right frustrating when such nonsense drives so many.
God bless you for your great work here ~