Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pray for Tiller's lawyer

Tiller’s Attorney Loses Control In Court While Irrational Conspiracy Theories Abound

Imagine you're a lawyer for a high-profile abortion doctor. Imagine that you became his lawyer initially simply because hey, he's a paying client. You're a defense attorney. This is what you do. And you figured the publicity would be good for business. Or maybe you're "prochoice" and you think he's helping women. Whatever. You take the case.

Imagine that you find out the reprehensible things this guy is doing. Abortions on underage girls -- some as young as 10 years old -- without reporting the abuse and making sure that the girls are safe and free from further abuse. Abortions way into the third trimester, way past viability, for the flimsiest of reasons. You learn that your client plays Russian roulette with patients' lives, keeping them in a motel room under the care of their loved ones, while he performs these risky procedures. A 19-year-old mentally disabled rape victim died because of this shoddy care. But still you're expected to defend this guy.

By attacking the people who are trying to uphold the law. By attacking absolutely everybody who even remotely had a hand in trying to uphold the law and protect the public.

Yeah, you're a defense attorney. You're used to defending the guilty. But this guy is not a garden-variety crook. He facilitates child rape. He stabs babies in the heart with needles, injecting the same drug used in executions. He allows his staff to send critically ill patients to the La Quinta in the care of their parents, rather than sending them to a hospital for desperately-needed care. He betrays the trust of his patients, the public, everybody around him. And there you are, linking your reputation with his.

Even by the standards of your clients, this guy is evil. And you're defending him. And the world is watching.

If it ever becomes widely known what he really does, your name is mud. You might as well have defended Nazis at Nuremberg.

And you might even have a conscience. You might start to wonder if getting this guy off the hook and allowing him to continue to prey on the public is a morally acceptable thing.

Wouldn't you crack under the strain?

Add Dan Monnat to your prayer list.

UPDATE: Evidently the 10-year-old was "referred" for her abortion by the prosecutor in her home state. Since when can a freaking prosecutor refer for a "medically necessary" abortion?!


JosephineMO7 said...

Who ever is prosecuting her abuser would be the one to refer her. And he would have to know where she went so the could collect the baby and do DNA testing.

Christina Dunigan said...

What the hell kind of MEDICAL condition did this girl have that a PROSECUTOR was deciding the abortion was necessary to protect her life or prevent permanent physical injury? THAT is the point.

And if they wanted DNA, they could have gotten it thru an amnio or waited a couple more weeks until the baby was born.

Do you REALLY think it's right to live in a place where a PROSECUTING ATTORNEY can demand an abortion so he can get evidence for a trial? And where the state says, "Yeah, that's adequate MEDICAL justification for a late-term post-viability abortion"?

And what do you think it did to that girl, 10 years old, to have her first childbirth experience -- and that's what Tiller's abortions are, they are labor and delivery -- to labor for hours and then deliver a dead baby into a toilet bowl?


Kathy said...

Perhaps there was the assumption (maybe true) that the child had conceived in an incestuous situation, and then the good ol' "rape and incest" exceptions automatically kick in? Not a valid reason, as far as I'm concerned, but perhaps they were concerned that the child would be disabled due to the incest. (I know, it only happens in 3% or so of such cases...)

Christina Dunigan said...

None of which qualifies a prosecutor to make a medical referral!