Friday, November 07, 2008

Post-viability abortions in your state

Abortion Clinics Online is a clearinghouse for abortion facilities. They pay to put up their ads, just like anyplace else.

You can search by category. For example: abortions past 20 weeks.

At the end of the second trimester, it's possible for even a trained, competent physician to be off as much as two weeks when estimating gestational age.

When you get into the third trimester, even a trained and competent doctor can be off by as much as three weeks.

So a 20-week fetus with supposedly no chance of survival might actually be a 22-week baby, who has a slim but real chance of surviving.

A 22-week fetus with only about a 10% chance of survival might actually be a 24-week baby, with a 40-70% chance of survival.

A 24-week fetus with a 40-70% chance of survival might be a 27-week baby with a 90% chance of survival.

A 26-week fetus with an 80-90% chance of survival might actually be a 29-week baby with an over 90% chance of survival.

And 26+? They already have a greater than 90% chance of survival.

How many of them are really 30-week babies, with the same chance of survival as a full-term infant?

And this is, of course, assuming that the doctor is competent and honest, not a quack trying to fudge his ultrasound results to make a sale.

How many of these babies are born alive?

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