Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blogger problem or hotmail problem?

I'm suddenly not getting email notifications when people post comments, which is a real problem since I've been infected with trolls since the election.

I've very prochoice about aborting trolls from my blog, and am being technologically thwarted. Any ideas?


Kathy said...

You could subscribe to your own comments using the RSS feed for comments. (Or if you think adding the RSS feed for comments caused the problem, feel free to take it off.) I don't really know other than that, unless perhaps your blog settings were accidentally altered, and you no longer are set up to receive email notifications. If that doesn't rectify the situation, you may contact Blogger and see if they're having some technical issue. You may just want to go to straight comment moderations (where you have to approve each comment before it appears) in the meantime, to avoid such trash ever appearing on your blog.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanx. I've turned moderation on, which seems to have gotten rid of our resident troll.