Saturday, November 22, 2008

Searches: anesthesia and rape, anesthesia and coma, kitchen-table abortions

  • Anesthesia and rape: Abortionist Lawson Akpolonu had multiple patients come forward to allege that they had awakened from anesthesia to find him raping or otherwise sexually abusing them.

  • Anesthesia coma: These women and girls were left in fatal comas from abortion anesthesia - Deobrarh Lozinski, Missue Mohar, Venus Ortiz, Catherine Pierce, Dawn Ravenelle, Jacqueline Reynolds, Angela Scott and Deloris Smith (injured almost simultaneously at the same facility), and Robin Wells. Suzanne Logan recovered from her post-abortion coma to find herself mute and paralyzed; she died before ever being able to return home to see her father. Christi Stile remains in a vegetative state after her abortion.

  • abortionist illegal kitchen-table: I've never found a confirmed case, but they no doubt happened, since surgery was once routinely performed on kitchen tables.
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