Friday, November 07, 2008

Some good points, but not the whole picture

Chizumatic has an excellent post, well worth reading, for those of us who had hoped for better than getting Bill Ayers' sock puppet for POTUS. I heartily recommend reading the whole thing.

Overall I think (perhaps hope) he's right. But I think he has an unrealistically optimistic view of Obamatraon nature.

A lot of people bought a pig in a poke today, and now they're going to find out what they bought. Obama isn't what most of them think he is. The intoxication of the cult will wear off, leaving a monumental hangover.

And four years from now they'll be older and much wiser.

Gotta agree on the first part. I can't count the number of Obama supporters who called in to talk radio gushing about their man, but totally unable to give a single specific beyond "he's not a Republican" and "he inspires people". These people voted for a persona, not a person.

But will they wise up? I would like to think so. But I have my doubts. There are, after all, people who still admire Fidel Castro after seeing what he delivered. Never underestimate the power of delusion.

And it ain't possible for the Democrats to deliver what's been promised. Gonna be a hell of a lot of disillusioned lefties out there. A lot of people who felt they were deceived. A lot of people who will eventually realize that the Obama campaign was something of a cult.

Disillusionment will turn to a feeling of betrayal. And that will, in turn, convert to anger.

I agree that he can't deliver what he promised -- in part because he was a blank slate upon which people could project their own desires, imagining that these are things that he actually promised. And even when he did make promises, he often made contradictory promises. Coal or no coal? Tax breaks for people making $200k? Or are they the rich who he promised to soak?

But will people feel disillusioned?

Think Battered Woman Syndrome. Women who make every excuse for why their man slaps them around, berates them, keeps them on a short leash and treats the dog better. Well, watch for Battered Voter Syndrome. Anything that they can't twist around to blame on Republicans they'll take on their own shoulders. They didn't do enough on the grassroots level. They weren't supportive enough. They didn't write enough letters to their congresscritter or to the editor.

1. It is no longer possible for anyone to deny that the MSM is heavily biased. The MSM have been biased for decades but managed an illusion of fairness. That is no longer possible; the MSM have squandered their credibility during this campaign. They'll never get that credibility back again.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's absurd to believe that the bubble's gonna burst among Obamaphiles. As long as the MSM touts their guy as The One, they'll just see it as honesty and integrity and having the smarts to recognize The One for Who He Is. If you're hearing somebody parroting what you think, they're not biased; they're smart.

2. Since the Democrats got nearly everything they hoped for in this campaign, they'll have no excuses and will have to produce. They'll have to reveal their true agenda -- or else make clear that they don't really have any beyond gaining power.

See Battered Voter Syndrome, above. My father found ways to blame the Beatles and Jane Fonda for just about everything but sunspot activity. As long as Republicans exist, Obamatrons will blame everything that goes wrong on the Republicans. And if we were suddenly all wiped out by a Smart Bomb that can read voter registration cards, they'd find a new scapegoat. Perhaps the Libertarians.

5. There will eventually be a press backlash against Obama which will make their treatment of Bush look mild. Partly that's going to be because Obama is going to disappoint them just as much as all his other supporters. Partly it will be the MSM desperately trying to regain its own credibility, by trying to show that they're not in his tank any longer. And because of that they are eventually going to do the reporting they should have done during this campaign, about Obama's less-than-savory friends, and about voter fraud, and about illegal fund-raising, and about a lot of other things.

Please! You're making me spit tea on my keyboard!

They worship the man. The earth will crumble to dust before they turn on The One.

Unless somebody they like more comes along. Remember how they turned on Hillary?

The press are like teenieboppers with crushes on pop stars. As long as nobody younger and cuter comes along, they'll pant after Obama. No matter what he does. No matter how we hold their feet to the fire about it.

So. Other than that, I agree with Chizumatic. I think he (she) is also right that the Iranians will nuke Israel. The only question is whether it'll be a tactical nuclear strike or a dirty bomb.

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