Monday, November 24, 2008

Now we'll see if anybody's paying attention

As I posted before, I became a friend of Clara Bell Duvall in FaceBook, and have been posting links to my blog posts about abortion deaths. So far, they've all been the horrible, tragic, unacceptable illegal kind that the Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Rights Project enjoy getting their knickers in a twist over. But today's death is Michelle Madden, a co-ed who died in 1988 from a safe and legal abortion.

Will I be ousted as a friend? Are some deaths unmentionable? We shall see.

I've gotten no comments on the deaths I've posted already, and haven't noticed any click-throughs, so I'm guessing that the Clara Bell Duvall folks aren't exactly swimming with curiosity or an interest in anything they don't already know and believe.

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Red_dog said...

Keep up the good work!