Monday, November 24, 2008

Cue violins

In the great tradition of Owen B. Evans, who lamented how much he'd suffered needlessly, being sued for killing Michelle Madden, we now have Bruce Steir (rhymes with fear), who wrote his tear-jerking prison memoir. Alas, the entire 144 days he spent in prison. (How's that compare to how much time Barack Obama spent in the Senate before he started running for President?)

Alas and alack, poor pitiful Dr. Steir. All he did was kill Sharon Hamplton by pulling her bowel through the back of her uterus, shoving it back in, leaving her shocky and with no medical supervison to be loaded into a wheelchair and shoved out the door to bleed to death. While he was on probation with the medical board for having nearly killed several other patients. It's not like he did anything so very naughty!

Cue violins. These abortionists sure have a tough life, being held accountable for killing their patients.

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Anonymous said...

America needs to be more aware of the prevalence of this sort of thing. Incompetent doctors are tolerated nowhere in organized medicine except for the abortion industry. If pro-abort people and politicians were really concerned about women, they'd do something about it.