Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Search: Warning signs after abortion

What are signs that all is not well after an abortion?

* Pain. This may be a sign of infection, injuries to internal organs, or undiagnosed ecopic pregnancy.

* Fever. This is a clear sign of infection and should not be ignored.

* Bleeding heavier than a period. This can be a sign of retained tissue or of internal injuries.

* Foul smell. This is a sign of infection or possible bowel injury.

* Blood in the urine. This is a sign of injury to the bladder or other organs of the urinary system.

* Passing tissue or fetal parts. This is a sign of incomplete abortion, which can cause excessive bleeding, infection, or fatal clotting disorders.

* Nausea. Can indicate continued pregnancy or damage to the bowels.

* Weakness, dizziness, fainting. Can be a sign of any number of problems.

* Still "feeling pregnant", or failure of periods to resume. Can be a sign of continued pregnancy -- perhaps an ectopic pregnancy.

If the abortion facility will not provide you with aftercare, go to the hospital or your usual doctor. If you have no insurance, contact local prolife groups, which have been known to pay the medical bills of abortion-injured women. Don't let the clinic's assurance that all is well dissuade you. Too many women have died because the clinics told them everything was normal:

  • Jennifer Suddeth: Clinic staff insisted that her bleeding was "normal".

  • Harvey Johnson told Shari Graham's boyfriend to put her in a hot bath when she was actually bleeding to death from a cervical laceration.

  • Sandra Milton's babysitter called the clinic, but they assured her that there was nothing wrong.

  • Brenda Vise was reassured that her symptoms were normal.

  • Christina Goesswein's boyfriend was reassured that there was no cause for concern.

    Tonal Bliss said...

    Even doctors and nurses who work in these abortion mills believe that "everything will probably be ok." Thus, they tell their patients not to worry because "oh, some bleeding and cramping is normal post-abortion." Sick, sick, sick!

    happychappy said...

    hi i had an bortion nearly a month ago i went through the normal faze etc, Just recently as i sometimes stop bleeding start bleeding light and sometimes heavy ive noticed multiple clots tiny clots and have been passing this grey blue bloody looking rubbery tissue i think it and im noticing the pain coming back the same crampy type pain after youve had an abortion im going to see my gyn tomoz should this be of any concern is it bad how bad im worried and a bit scared ive also noticed mid back pain