Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank you, Sarah Palin!

They forgot, "Thank you for standing up for special-needs kids and the unborn, and thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us."

For me, the best moment of the entire campaign was this one:

Three cheers for Piper's mom!


Anonymous said...

Mine too! Everytime I think of Piper smoothing Trig's hair...it makes me smile. Some things are still right in the world.

Anonymous said...

what's right Libby's Mom - the fact that she is using her children as a tool for electioneering?

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, if she had suddenly started taking the kids with her on the campaign trail after leaving them routinely in day care for years, I'd say she was "using her children as a tool for electioneering". But she took the kids to work with her all of her working life -- on the fishing boat, as a mayor, and as governor. Why would she suddenly stop taking her kids to work, just because it offends people who hate kids and don't want to be subjected to the sight of them?

And more to the point, why should HER kids be left at home when everybody else was bringing their kids to the rallies? There were kids all over the place at the Palin rally I attended (with my daughter and granddaughter). They were very much FAMILY events. Why would Palin leave her kids at home when speaking to an audience of people who were bringing THEIR kids? It would have seemed wrong, like leaving your kids with a babysitter on Christmas while you got together with the other relatives.