Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cue crickets chirping

A Stem Cell First- New Organ Created and Transplanted Using Adult Stem Cells

Granted, it was a simple organ, or rather structure, since I'm not sure a section of trachea counts as an organ. But it's more than the Dr. Frankensteins have been able to do with their gutted embryos.

Even the faintest hint of the possibility of success in lab rats with embryonic stem cells gets shouted from the rooftops. But even the most spectacular results with adult stem cells are relegated to Section B page 13, right under the "bus plunge" snippet.


WKen said...

One MSM outlet did mention it ... On NPR, I not only heard the story, but heard "adult stem cells" mentioned at least twice in the story.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were the only one, though.

Christina Dunigan said...

Did then then go on to comment about how Obama is expected to reverse the cruel and heinous Bush Doctrine so as to permit "stem cell research" in the US -- as if this sort of thing isn't happening here because of Bush?

Most of the coverage I've seen about adult stem cell successes simply says "stem cells" then goes on about how "stem cell research" is "restricted" here. Deliberately trying to give the impression that these miracle treatments are from the same kinds of stem cells mean old Dubya won't let them play with.

Lola said...

This is amazing news!

My biggest belief on whats behind the push for the embryonic stem cells is MONEY. The ability to "patent" the product. Using a person who has no legal rights they can do anything and reap "potential" rewards. The use of adult stem cells would be less "potential" money. Oh, and the other side of the push for Federal money for esc's is they get free money to research, but get to keep the advancements.

Follow the money trail...