Saturday, November 08, 2008

An encouraging sign

I'm still getting a record number of page views, many of them looking for "third trimester abortion" "post-viability abortion" and "barack obama" -- this latter in combination with one of the first two or with "infanticide".

So people are still curious.

Somebody came searching for how many third trimester abortions are performed in the US. The Centers for Disease Control are very careful not to collect that information. They only repot that in 2004 (the last year for which they've released data) there were 8,365 reported abortions at 22 weeks and greater. This is post-viability (since a 22 week baby has a survival chance of up to 10%), but two weeks short of the third trimester.

Let me gather all the stuff in one place:

  • A question about born alive babies and criminal charges explains how doctors could let born babies die without being charged with murder.

  • Abortion for the life of the mother examines the validity of "maternal health" as a justification for abortion -- particularly late abortions.

  • Abortion Survivor: Gianna Jessen, who survived an attempt to abort her at 7 1/2 months, speaks on her mission.

  • And just why are abortions being done so late that babies can be born alive in the first place? An interview with the psychiatrist who reviewed the records subpoenaed from George Tiller for post-viability abortions he was performing.

  • Ana Rosa versus the National Abortion Federation looks at one baby who survived a 32-week abortion -- minus her right arm.

  • Barack Obama and the born-alive babies juxtaposes Obama's words with real life cases.

  • Checking the facts on Obama and abortion sums it up in a few paragraphs.

  • Christin Gilbert was a healthy teen with Down syndrome who died from a third-trimester abortion justified on "health" grounds.

  • Denise Montoya, a teenager from Texas, died from a third-trimester abortion.

  • First: Call for more information looks at what little data we have on abortions done near or after viability.

  • Funeral scheduled for Baby Shanice tells of a baby born alive in a Florida clinic, put in a biohazard bag, and tossed onto the roof.

  • Late abortion lies: They're only done for health reasons compares abortion lobby claims to what investigators have found.

  • Lou Ann Herron bled to death from a third-trimester abortion she was seeking because she was getting divorced.

  • Magdalena Rodriguez bled to death from a third-trimester abortion, though it's unclear if she or her abortionist realized her pregnancy was so far advanced.

  • Midtown Hospital's late abortion scandal looks at a hospital caught doing illegal third trimester abortions in Georgia.

  • More born alive babies is self-explanatory.

  • More born-alive babies and their fates is fairly self-explanatory.

  • Nicholette's Nightmare tells of a teen who changed her mind about having a third-trimester abortion, but was bullied by clinic staff.

  • Obama comments, I respond has audio of Obama's questions and comments for sponsors of legislation to protect babies born in post-viability abortions.

  • Obama, McCain, and "health" looks at how the abortion lobby defines "health" and gives examples of real post-viability abortions.

  • Planned Parenthood admits to live births features an undercover video by Students for Life, and looks at viability for babies of various ages.

  • Post-viability abortions in your state introduces visitors to Abortion Clinics Online and their ads for abortions into the third trimester.

  • Pro-choice/pro-child: Baby Rowan is the story of how Angele's cries for an ambulance for her baby, born alive in an abortion clinic toilet, were ignored.

  • Steve Brigham and Patient Millie tells of a woman who nearly died from a third trimester abortion in New York.

  • The ad ABC doesn't want you to see shows the NRLC ad ABC refused to carry.

  • Third trimester abortion and the law looks state by state.

  • "This baby won't stop breathing!" is about the Waddill case, in which a doctor got away with strangling a 32-week baby in front of several NICU nurses and a pediatrician because of an obscure legal definition of "death".

  • Unintended late abortions looks at cases in which abortions were initiated on babies that were post-viability, unknown to their mothers.

  • Where does Obama say he supports third trimester abortions? looks at the two different statements Obama made about under what conditions he supports third trimester abortions.

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