Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who wants to take bets on how long this will last?

An abortion advocacy organization put a profile of Clara Bell Duvall on FaceBook.

I became a friend, then posted links to the Cemetery of Choice as well as to the posting about today's anniversaries.

The Cemetery of Choice I imagine they'll tolerate. Today's post I imagine they'll tolerate -- all three were criminal abortion deaths. Likewise I imagine they'll tolerate tomorrow's death -- Elizabeth Strazdas, since her abortion was illegal. Ditto for Thursday, when I'll have two more illegal abortion deaths. Ditto Friday, when my only death is an illegal abortion death. But Saturday's anniversary is Michelle Madden -- a safe, legal abortion death.

So! Who wants to bet that on Saturday I'm deleted as a friend? Or will it take until the 25th, when I post Leigh Ann Alford?

How many safe, legal abortion deaths will it take before Clara Bell Duvall decides that only certain women's deaths are worthy of mourning?

Or am I underestimating them?

UPDATE, November 20: So far I'm still a friend, but nobody's commenting on the posts, either. And I'm not seeing any click-throughs. I get the feeling that nobody there is interested in learning anything, not even more juicy "back alley" stories that they can be indignant about.

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