Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Search: Uterine scarring

Somebody came searching for an answer to the question, "Why would an abortion cause uterine scarring?"

Because somebody is scraping around the inside of the uterus with hard objects, during a time when the uterus is particularly vascular and soft, trying to disengage an embedded placenta, when neither the uterus nor the placenta is happy about it. The uterus and the placenta are clinging to one another and highly resistant to being separated, You're either going to scrape the walls of the uterus forcing the placenta loose, or you're going to leave bits of placenta behind where they will rot and cause infection, which can cause scaring of its own.

In later abortions, the fetus is dismembered inside the uterus, meaning sharp, bony parts are also scraping around the uterine walls.

And sometimes they manage to poke or tear a hole in the wall of the uterus, causing even greater damage.

Any of this is going to do some damage, possibly causing scarring.


Kathy said...

Even non-abortion D&Cs can cause scarring which can cause something called "Asherman's Syndrome" which can lead to infertility. But I bet that women having abortions by D&C aren't told that.

Amy said...

But I bet that women having abortions by D&C aren't told that.

You mean, actually inform women about abortion? Gee, that might be emotionally manipulating them into not having one.

All the consequences - scarring, infertility, infections, pain, depression, and death - are unfortunate statistics that need to be ignored by the media and pro-aborts lest it damage their cause to kill as many children as possible.