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Roundup: Demographic winter, Screwtape on stage, and more

There has never in human history been economic growth paired with population decline. But our Politically Correct ideal is worldwide population decline. Where will this lead us?

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Screwtape on Stage gives us a glimpse of what the film version might be like. And it removes my primary objection, which was that portraying The Patient would reduce the viewer's ability to project himself into the role.

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ScrappleFace brings us the latest news: Unnamed McCain Aide Puts Blame for Loss on Self:

“We worked for two people whose character and integrity were their chief positives,” the now-unemployed former insider said, “Frankly, the average mercenary political consultant like me doesn’t have a lot of experience with those kind of folks. So, we really had no clue how to run their campaign. As a result, we got spanked.”

“The important thing for people to remember,” he added, “is that win or lose, the consultants still get paid.”


Americans United for Life has started a Fight FOCA campaign with an online petition. Which, I think, is primarily good for raising awareness.

FOCA would not only eliminate every single piece of legislation in the past 35 years to reduce abortion and protect women and children from seedy abortionists, it would go beyond Roe into mandating that health care professionals participate in abortion. The laws that would be invalidated have reduced abortions in this country by 20%.

The really dangerous thing about FOCA is how the wording is deliberately deceptive. If you read "The Gulag Archipelago", you will be familiar with Solzhenitsyn's illustrations of how courts are able to "interpret" laws to their own ends, even laws that seem fairly bland and inoffensive, laws that seem common-sense. ALL's analysis takes into consideration how other cases (that the writers of FOCA were well aware of and taking advantage of) will impact implementation of this act.

This is NOT a prochoice bill. It is a rabidly pro-abortion bill disguised as a pro-choice bill.

Though, personally, I think the best way to fight FOCA is to find one brave Senator -- preferably a female Democrat, and it doesn't even have to be a prolife Democrat, since this bill is proabortion and not prochoice -- to filibuster, preferably by reading aloud from Lime 5. Let them get an earful of what they'd be promoting in voting for this egregious law.


Obama Hears a Who calls for prayer for the scales to fall from Obama's eyes, and for him to recognize the humanity of vulnerable unborn children and special-needs newborns. I agree with the call for prayer but disagree with the optimism. Obama's conversion from proponent of abortion and infanticide to defender of the defenseless would require not only an act of God, but an act of Obama. And I've not seen a lot of evidence that this guy recognizes the existence of any god but himself. Every wondrous conversion in history has been of somebody who recognized from the outset that he was not God -- even Nebuchadnezzar recognized that the God of the Hebrews did in fact exist. Obama's truly monumental ego ("A ray of light will shine...") makes old Nebuchadnezzar look like a paragon of humility in comparison. Still, it never hurts to try. And the image of Barack Obama on all fours in the wilderness eating grass for seven years has a certain appeal. Is it wrong to pray for this guy to get his comeuppance?


News on the stem cell front. Adult stem cells (that don't require that we kill a defenseless fellow human being to get them) have been successful recently in treating Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, spinal cord injury, diabetes, and heart attacks. Repair Stem Cell Institute is a clearinghouse of current clinical trials and treatment centers. My sister's cancer was treated successfully with adult stem cells. This is something the MSM is keeping hidden, people, because it paints their pet project of embryonic stem cell research in a negative light.


And check out Jill Stanek's Sunday Funny.


Lately added: Gribbet's Word has a great Ann Coulter quote, and an addition:

In the spirit of reaching across the aisle, we owe it to the Democrats to show their president the exact same kind of respect and loyalty that they have shown our recent Republican president. - Ann Coulter honour of your conduct over the last eight years, in sincere and honest recognition of your treatment of conservatives in general, and the President specifically, allow me to reciprocate. -- Sonnabend


Second amendment rights clarified:

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Actually your quote...

" honour of your conduct over the last eight years, in sincere and honest recognition of your treatment of conservatives in general, and the President specifically, allow me to reciprocate."

Was not written by me. It was written by a blogger named Sonnabend. An Aussie who is more of an American than 99% of those in the Democrat Party.


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