Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only Women Bleed

Reasoned Audacity had a post by this name, though I thought it was about the Washington Times article about a female med student who decides she doesn't want to be an abortionist after all. It had been fun practicing the technique on papayas, she learned. But it wasn't a very pleasant thing to do to women for a living:

That evening, discussing the second-term abortion with her mother, Lesley described a process that she found disturbingly brutal, especially the stretching of the vagina.

"It's a lot more invasive than I thought," she said. "A papaya doesn't bleed and scream." Women do.

Indeed. Only women bleed:

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Anonymous said...

Christina, As you and Your Alert Readers would know, would help ensure that the individual states could continue to regulate abortion clinics to, well, clinical standards.

Thank you for the link.

We owe you.

The babies owe you.

Jack (and Charmaine)