Thursday, March 09, 2006

Abortion advocates' idea of "solidarity"

Abortion-rights supporters rally
About two dozen demonstrators rallied near the Virginia General Assembly building at noon today in response to a ban on abortion that was signed into law this week in South Dakota.

Mira Signer, director of statewide organizing for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, said the rally was timed to coincide with 47 events planned in 37 states as part of a "National Day of Solidarity" with women in South Dakota.

Hello? The women of South Dakota elected a pro-life governor, and a pro-life legislature. They have few abortions, both in terms of actual numbers and in terms of abortion rates.

South Dakota, depending on who you get your data from, ranks between 32nd and 49th in terms of abortion rates. (Check here for maps that make this graphic.)

Can't these champions of women's empowerment allow South Dakota women to decide for themselves if they'd prefer to live in an abortion-free state? Or are they only champions of "choice" when the choice is one they agree with?

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