Monday, March 27, 2006

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Somebody was seeking teens who got abortions and are not happy stories. Two good resources are Teens and Abortion and Teens Killed by Abortion.

Some folks were seeking 23 week fetus. Twenty-three weeks is just the very end of the second trimester. Here's information on a 22-week fetus. from The Visible Embryo. More information on the 23-week fetus is available here. And here is a cute ultrasound of a 23-week fetus. This article indicates that babies born at 23 weeks have a 10-35% survival rate. Boys are more fragile than girls, so a little girl of this age has a better chance of survival. The standard technique for aborting a 23-week fetus would be Dilation and Evacuation.

Somebody was searching for malachy dehenre. DeHenre was responsible for the death of Leigh Ann Alford.

Somebody wanted information on self abortion. Well, this is something I certainly don't recommend. Here are cases where self-induced abortions were fatal. Estimates were that self-induced abortions accounted for between 2% and 8% of pre-legalization abortions, and they persist to this day. Research indicates that clearly dangerous self-induced abortions may be linked to mental illness. Others, such as herbal abortions, are attractive to women who place high value on "natural" or "self-determination" options in all areas of their lives.

Somebody was searching for George Tiller + 1st trimester Abortion. Tiller is more widely known for late abortions, such as the one that cost Christin Gilbert (pictured) her life. But he's not too proud. He's as willing to kill the tiny ones as the bigger ones. One woman, in fact, filed suit against Tiller, alleging that he lied to her at the behest of her boyfriend in order to trick her into an unwanted first-trimester abortion.

Someone wanted information about Hoa Thuy Tran Vivian Coroner P. M. Murphy. I don't know about the coroner, but Hoa Thuy Tran, who went by the name Vivian, was one of the women to die recently from chemical abortion in southern California.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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