Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Jersey horror - Sex slaves, forced abortion, infanticide

Covenant News Wire Service: 'Enforcer' testifies on slave ring's forced abortions
EWARK -- A Honduran woman pleaded guilty to being an "enforcer" in a slave labor ring that smuggled girls as young as 14 into the country and used threats of violence to force them to work in North Hudson bars.

Xochil Nectalina Rosales Martinez, 29, also had been smuggled into this country and forced to work in one of the bars, but was later told she was in charge of running the Guttenberg apartment the ring used as a safehouse.

She said she was told that if "any of these bitches get out of line, you should beat them." She said she also was present when the girls and women were forced to have abortions if they became pregnant, and saw one of the women give birth to a baby that died soon after.


Rosales Martinez cried as she recalled how the women were forced to take abortion-inducing pills so they could continue working.

Despite the pills, Rosales Martinez said, a 21-year-old woman gave birth to a live baby in a toilet bowl.

"Did you hear it cry when it was pulled from the toilet?" Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah J. Gannett asked.

"Si," Rosales Martinez replied, weeping.

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