Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nominate bizarre stuff

I'm updating the Believe it or Not! page. The stuff has to be at least tangentially relevant to abortion, and has to be something that leaves most people either going, "What?!?!?!" or "You made that up!"


Amputee Wannabe Information. Hey! Your body, your choice, right?

They Said WHAT?! A collection of bizarre or just rude quotes from abortion advocates, such as "you say kids should be allowed to be born to a bad environment, does that mean a woman can have one just to torture it? if i was forced to have one i would i would not be nice to it, maybe put it to bed with a plastic bag and hope for the best or throw it in a trash can or maybe use it as a pinata. but that would be much kinder than an abortion, huh"

Unborn Child: A pro-abortion fetus poem that includes, I kid you not, these lines: "Blessed / by experiencing / my mother's wisdom and femininity... / Rocked in the womb. // Reassuring my mother. / I never chose to be born this time. / Her choice is perfect - reflecting my own."

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Any nominations? I've decided to open this up to loony-tune anti-abortion stuff as well. Might as well acknowledge it.

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