Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Words from a woman those right-to-lifers approached outside the abortion clinic

`Protesters' a help, not a hindrance: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Awhile ago, I came to Presidential Abortion Center with my boyfriend. We stopped at the driveway when we saw two individuals offering literature. One spoke to my boyfriend regarding our needs and why we came. The other showed me a sonogram of a young baby/fetus from a hand-held DVD player. My tears flowed as I saw and realized what was growing inside me.

My boyfriend and I decided against the abortion and I ultimately gave birth to a beautiful son. These 'protesters' did not state an opinion. They did not even tell me not to have an abortion or that abortion is wrong. .... They gave of themselves; their love, care, concern and time. How can that be wrong?

Well, considering that the abortion facility lost a sale, somebody is very unhappy. But not the mother, the father, or the baby.

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