Monday, March 13, 2006

Somebody was looking for "Birmingham Women's Medical clinic"

Despite the name, "Birmingham Women's Medical Clinic" isn't a clinic at all. It is (or was) merely the private practice of abortionist Tommy Tucker.

Angela Hall died after an abortion at Birmingham Women's Medical Clinic.

"Lena" had an abortion by Dr. Gay Boyle at Birmingham Women's Medical Clinic November 21, 1982. Although staff there assured her that the abortion had been successful, she learned later that the fetus had survived and that she was in the second trimester of pregnancy. When she informed the facility, they advised her to have another abortion because the fetus might have been harmed by the abortion attempt. Nevertheless, Lena chose to continue to term despite considerable emotional distress caused by worry about the baby, who was born July 23, 1983. (10th Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama Civil Action No. CV83-5839)

Montresia G. alleged that she underwent a vacuum aspiration by Tucker September 13, 1986 at Birmingham Women's Medical Clinic. Montresia suffered so much pain afterwards she was unable to walk unaided. She contacted the facility when her pain continued over the next two days, and was advised to seek aid in an emergency room. Montresia went to the ER per instrustions, and there, Roy White performed a cursory exam, prescribed a pain medication, and discharged her. Two days later Montresia was admitted to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Gadsden in severe distress. There, Dr. James Graham diagnosed a perforated uterus from the abortion procedure. Due to delayed diagnosis, and loss of blood and resulting infection, Montresia came close to death. Removal of her uterus and right fallopian tube and ovary was required , resulting in sterility. (Jefferson County Circuit Court Civil Action No. CV87-3302)

A suit by Tracie M., age 18, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Tucker at his office November 24, 1990. Her uterus was perforated, her bowels were perforated, and other internal organs were injured and damaged. Tracie suffered pain and mental anguish and permanent injury. She required hospitalization and additional surgery, and incurred medical bills. (Jefferson County Circuit Court Action No. CV91 3260)

A suit by Tracey C alleged that she Tucker attempted to perform an abortion on her three times: October 7, 10, & 11, 1988, at Birmingham Women's Medical Clinic. Tracey suffered multiple lacerations and perforations of her small bowel, ileum, and colon, infection and abscesses in her ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus, and required a hysterectomy. To add to her suffering, Tracey discovered that Tucker had failed to determine if Tracey was even pregnant before initiating the abortion procedures. (Jefferson County Circuit Court Civil Action No. CV90 0616)

The Medical Licensure Commission allegedly stated that Tucker "showed reckless indifference" in the death of a patient, possibly 21-year-old Michelle Jordan, in removal of Norplant at Birmingham Women's Medical Center. Michelle had Norplant removed by Tucker on April 7, 1994, and died April 11. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5-16-93; New York Times 4-23-94, New Jersey Record, Jackson Clarion-Ledger 4-1-95; Jackson Clarion-Ledger 3-18-94; Memphis Commercial Appeal 4-16-94; Birmingham News 3-17-95, Mobile Register 3-17-95, DeSoto Times 3-23-95)

Tucker scheduled up to 45 abortions a day. His license was restricted due to accusations of "gross malpractice or repeated malpractice or gross negligence in the practice of medicine." Tucker told a reporter that his goal was a $700,000 annual income, and of losing $1500 in one night of gambling;. Tucker reportedly spent thousands of dollars lobbying against abortion legislation. He was disciplined and placed under voluntary restriction when charged with underestimating fetal age in 2 women and perforating another woman's uterus. He faced charges of unprofessional and unethical conduct in Alabama and Mississippi and criminal investigations in both states prompted by the deaths of several patients. Allegations include: allowing staff to perform abortions with no doctor present while he instructed them over the telephone; allowing unqualified staff to administer anesthesia and insert birth control devices; crushing a live infant's skull with forceps after it survived an abortion; and overestimating fetal age to charge more for abortions. The medical board charged Tucker with two cases of failure to examine a patient and determine gestational age. A pro-choice attorney said that the suspension of Tucker's license was "a sad day for women's reproductive freedom in this state, in this region." The Director of Pro-Choice Mississippi was quoted as saying, "if Dr. Tucker loses his license, Mississippi women will lose their access to choice, so yes, it will be devastating." Tucker's Mississippi license was revoked in 1995. Tucker reportedly denied that his facilities were "abortion mills," and found fault with anti-abortion state officials who instigated investigations of his clinics.(Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5-16-93; New York Times 4-23-94, New Jersey Record, Jackson Clarion-Ledger 4-1-95; Jackson Clarion-Ledger 3-18-94; Memphis Commercial Appeal 4-16-94; Birmingham News 3-17-95, Mobile Register 3-17-95, DeSoto Times 3-23-95)

That gives you an idea of the priorities of abortion advocates. They prefer that women be butchered and maimed by quacks like Tucker, because evidently in their eyes the only thing worse than an abortion that maims or kills the woman is no abortion at all.

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PS. This article in the New York Times helps to capture the abortion advocacy attitude. One activist laments the children whose lives might be spared because there's no quack in town selling cut-rate, dangerous abortions.


Anonymous said...

I ran into this info while surfing to see what the statute of limitations is for a doctor who performed an illegal tubal ligation when I was having a C-section live birth. He made a comment that he "needed" one more to get his residency.In Virginia. I said no. I was 42. I always wondered. I wasn't on welfare and had private insurance. Now 18 years later during a routine trans-vaginal I found out he did it anyway. Meanwhile I had had 5 abortions in my lifetime. after reading the blog "Real Choices" I just realized how lucky I am. One doctor did leave some tissue and I was cramping. yet I still became pregnant after that. There is a God and everyone has a destiny. I was ignorant, and persuaded by the media and the proliferation of abortion clinics. 1970-80's. My Catholic church didn't do anything to teach me true abstinence. Now I have learned what a great sin it is. I have asked God to forgive me. He knew I was a real dummy.
Thank you for taking the time to care about those of us who were and are so naive. Thank you.

Christina Dunigan said...

Hugs, anon.

The statute of limitations will vary from state to state. In many cases the clock doesn't start ticking until the discovery of the injury. Contact a couple of attorneys. Personal injury cases are done on a contingency-fee basis, which means that the lawyer takes his fee from the settlement. You don't pay up front.

Also it never hurts to make a complaint to the medical board.

Anonymous said...

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