Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Still looking for information

When writing up the story of Oriane Shevin's chemical abortion death, I noted this interesting tidbit:
At the time of Oriane's abortion, Dotson had not yet completed eight years medical board probation for gross negligence and incompetence in causing the death of a patient identified as "RJI" on February 3, 1992. The board said that Dotson "was grossly negligent in the care and treatment of RJI." He failed to take an adequate exam, failed to classify her as a high risk pregnancy, failed to heed the risk of severe bleeding, failed to have appropriate equipment for monitoring, and failed to transfuse her in a timely way, having left the room while she was still bleeding.

I've still not been able to verify if this was an abortion death or an obstetric death. Either way, Dotson is responsible. Does anybody know any more about RJI?

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