Thursday, March 30, 2006

PA NOW Chapter Happy to have Quack Abortionist in Town

Pennsylvania Abortion Business Will Reopen After Medical License Suspended
Erie, PA ( -- A Pennsylvania abortion business in this northwestern city will reopen after being closed since last April following the suspension of the abortion practitioner's medical license.

Harvey Brookman had his medical license suspended after he was charged with unprofessional conduct and negligence. A Yardley, Pennsylvania resident, he was unable to practice medicine for six months.


The abortion practitioner had worked at the American Women's Services abortion business in Erie from the time it opened in September of 2003. He also worked at an abortion facility in the Philadelphia suburb of King of Prussia.

Brookman was charged by the state with practicing without malpractice insurance, giving expired drugs to patients, permitting unlicensed staff to administer drugs, failing to check his patients' age and identity, and conducting abortions without a licensed registered nurse present.

Attorneys with the state re-filed an amended list of seven disciplinary charges against the abortionist. The latest charge of professional misconduct notes Brookman perforated a teenager's uterus and colon during an abortion at the King of Prussia facility. Brookman faced a lawsuit filed by the girl.

Now we get to the real meat of the matter. I'm putting this in bold and italics because it warrants close attention.
The local chapter of the pro-abortion National Organization of Women told AP it was glad the abortion business will reopen. Otherwise, women from the area would have to drive to Pittsburgh or Cleveland for abortions.

In other words, better to have a dangerous quack scrape you out than to either travel or (gasp!) have a baby. How can these activists even pretend that they care about women's safety and well-being? All they seem to care about it abortion being common and convenient.

Let's keep reading:
Brookman also worked for two years as an "independent contractor physician
' at the State College Medical Services abortion business in State College.

In other words, he was working for Steve Brigham, who is such a quack that he voluntarily surrendered his Pennsylvania license in order to keep the medical board from investigating him.
The abortion practitioner became the target of a state inquiry after Centre County Citizens Concerned for Human Life, a pro-life group, filed complaints with the state Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and the state Department of Health.

Why are pro-life organizations the ones that have to put the time and effort into keeping the state apprised of quackery in abortion? Why aren't the self-proclaimed protecters of women's lives and health doing this?

Let's look more closely at Brookman.
He surrendered his New Jersey license in 1996. The same year, New York revoked his license. Pennsylvania initially suspended his license in 1995.

According to the New York Department of Health, Brookman routinely examined the uteruses of pregnant women without a medical reason. He was also found guilty of maintaining inadequate patient records and altering others.

And NOW is glad to have him in town! Do they do diddly-squat to warn women of this guy's background? Or do they just look the other way and allow women to trust this guy?

Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. Why aren't prochoice citizens massively outraged over this?

For more on Brookman, see Pennsylvania abortionist in trouble, which includes links to get PDFs of disciplinary documents on Brookman.

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