Sunday, March 12, 2006

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Somebody was looking for "annie allison" chocolate oklahoma. I don't know about the "chocolate oklahoma", but I do have an Annie Allison who died of an illegal abortion performed by a chiropractor in 1923.

Somebody else was looking for Causes of an infection after an abortion. As far as I can see, there are two main causes of infection after abortion: retained tissue, and contamination of the uterus from outside. I'll have to draw up a page of infection/sepsis deaths. In the mean time, you can always go to RealChoice and put "infection" in the search box. I'll give a heads-up when I have the infection death page ready.

stacy zallie remains a popular search. The information I have on her is here.

I don't have general information about abortion clinics. You can go to RealChoice and search for specific facilities by name. Just keep in mind, sometimes what appears to be a clinic is in fact just the doctor's private practice. It's not subject to the same state regulations as a freestanding outpatient surgical clinic.

I just updated my information on abortion survivors. It's at Dreaded Complications. (The "dreaded complication" from abortion isn't a dead mother; it's a live baby. So much for abortion being about saving women's lives!)

Somebody was looking for old fashioned abortions. I'm not sure exactly what they meant, but I'm sure Pre-Legal Abortion Deaths would be a good place to start. There's more at The Bad Old Days of Abortion. You might also be interested in 19th Century Abortion Cases and Other Self-Injury. Let me know if there's more information you need.

Two searches seemed to be looking for pretty much the same thing. One search was for abortion +"Jane Ward", and the other for "Dr. Paul Singer" +"Jane Ward". Jane Ward, heiress to the Drake Bakeries fortune, died of an illegal abortion in 1947. Dr. Paul Singer was among those convicted in her death.

Someone was searching for illegal operations: women, doctor and abortion. Try Deadly Illegal Abortions Performed by Doctors, Doctors and the Back-Alley Abortion, The Bad Old Days of Abortion, and A Glimpse into Abortion's Past.

Last but not least was a search for using abortion as a birth control method. For a thorough exploration of that, see Are Abortions Used as Birth Control?.

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