Tuesday, March 07, 2006

South Dakota life activists face harassment, vandals, threats

Pro-Life Supporters of South Dakota Abortion Ban Receive Threats, Vandalism
High profile supporters of South Dakota's ban on virtually all abortions... have been targeted with acts of vandalism by abortion advocates angry the state would challenge Roe v. Wade.

Leslee Unruh is the founder and director of the Alpha Center, a Sioux Falls based crisis pregnancy center that helps women in the state's largest city find abortion alternatives. .... In an interview with Family News in Focus, Unruh said her house has been plastered with eggs, she's been mailed coat hangers by those who claim women will die from illegal abortions.

Yeah, the old, "If you don't let us kill babies with curettes, we'll kill their mothers with coathangers" approach. Put away the coathangers, girls. You're killing enough women with medical instruments.
Unruh has had threatening calls in the middle of the night, hate mail and her favorite coffee shop told her to stop coming in because of the problems.

"They said, 'We have a choice as to who we serve, and we choose not to serve you,' " she told FNIF. "They were careful to emphasize the word 'choice.' "

Unruh's husband is a doctor and leading pro-life advocate in the state himself.

She told FNIF that he has had the bodies of dead and decomposing animals placed on his chiropractic clinic's property. The actions have made some of his employees scared to go to work.

Unruh told the Focus on the Family, "I am sad for all the people that send the hangers and have all this anger because of being connected to the abortion issue in their own lives," she said. "I'm concerned about my whole country now. I thought you were at least free to say what you thought, but they do not want me to speak. Not only do they want to hush unborn children, they don't want me to talk about it, either. .... It seems to make them the most angry," she said, "when I talk about post-abortive women."

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