Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Common sense and compassion win another round

WTOL-TV Toledo, OH: Governor to Sign Bill That Bans "Wrongful Birth" Lawsuits
Governor Bob Taft intends to sign into law a ban on medical malpractice lawsuits that claim a severely disabled child would have been aborted if the underlying genetic disorder had been diagnosed before birth, his spokesman said. Only a handful of other states have similar bans.

The law won't be comprehensive, however, because parents still could sue saying they wouldn't have aborted, but a correct diagnosis would have allowed them to prepare emotionally and financially for the child, said professors who specialize in medial ethics.

I'd call it comprehensive -- it gives parents rights to prepare for the birth of a child, but not the right to snuff him because they don't think he's good enough. Kids aren't consumer goods!

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