Friday, March 10, 2006

Is anybody else insulted?

All this South Dakota stuff, with all the abortion advocates insisting that since I'm female, I just need to have "choice" available... That just burns me up.

I can understand the fear or despair that puts a woman on the abortion table. There but for the grace of God go I. That is a despair I understand, and I thank God every day that somebody was there that loved me enough to stop me. Yes, any woman can panic, can make a bad choice in the heat of the moment.

But that's a world apart from the woman who gets into bed, knowing in advance that she'll snuff any hapless embryo luckless enough to be conceived in her body.

To me, to even imply that I want abortion available is the most profound insult you can throw at me. It repudiates love, responsibility, compassion, trust, and everything I hold dear.

Panic, fear, despair, they're normal human frailties. But to say, "Well, I might want my fetus snuffed, so there'd better be somebody ready to do the deed." That's cold. That's inhuman. And I can't grasp how any woman can show her face in public saying that she wants "choice" available for herself. And to say you want it available for others but not for yourself is to insult them.

To even have an abortion facility in a town is an insult to the women who live there. It's saying that they can't be trusted with their own sexuality, and that they're so addle-pated and mean-spirited that they'd rather ream themselves out with a coathanger and die than let their own children draw breath. What worse thing can you possibly say about a woman, than that she'd rather die herself than see her own child live?

All those protests "in solidarity with the women of South Dakota" are insulting beyond words. I'm sick to death of people misrepresenting me as a woman.

So, to those activists: Stand, if you will, "in solidarity" with the pro-choice women of South Dakota. With the women who prefer a dead fetus to a live baby. But stop, stop, stop pretending that you speak for ordinary women who love their children. Because you don't. Every word from your mouth is a slap in our faces. Speak for yourselves.

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TeacherMommy said...

That's exactly how I feel! When I see them dangling coat hangers around and holding up signs that say women deserve better than back alley abortions - I think wow...that is so incredibly messed up. I certainly would NEVER consider an abortion let alone one with a coathanger, so for them to imply I would ever want something like that or have to "resort" to something like that in order not to be pregnant, well yeah that's insulting. I don't want the name of womenkind being associated with that or to be lumped in with people who are so desperate not to be mothers that they would mutilate themselves.