Tuesday, March 28, 2006

At least you could still read it when the vandal was through

Abortion Watch � Blog Archive - Pro-life Ad Defaced on DC Bus:
The poster ... shows a young woman's face aside the wording: "Roe v. Reality, #4, Myth: Everyone agrees Roe v. Wade is good constitutional law. Fact: Even pro-choice legal scholars admit its reasoning is suspect." The scribbler scratched out the word "Fact" and replaced it with "False" and then went on to write "Keep Government OUT of Your Doctor's Office."

What's my objection? To begin with, it's vandalism. The bishops paid to print that poster and purchase the advertisement space inside the bus to display it. Secondly, this juvenile behavior demeans the debate, lowering it from an adult discussion to bathroom stall scribbling. And that's not even mentioning the vandal's ridiculous statement about keeping "government out of your doctor's office" We invite government to regulate and monitor healthcare and medicine in many ways, and rightfully so.

Another blow struck for tolerance and diversity!

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